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Венгрия, Хайду-Бихар, Ebes

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I'm a reader and writer.

I want to go beyond my own limits. I am looking for a...


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Венгрия, Шомодь, Nagybajom

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jeder Tag soll ein Sonntag sein


58 лет

Венгрия, Будапешт, Budapest

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21 год

Венгрия, Ноград, Shalgo Tar'yan

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Which nice lady want to share her life with me ?

Belgium business man who is relocated to Hungary in 2015....


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tme.to/Alexander65537. Санек


49 лет

Венгрия, Хайду-Бихар

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35 лет

Венгрия, Хайду-Бихар, Bocskaikert

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US - EU citizen in Hungary in search for You

I am handsome, selective, intelligent, caring person. I...