Профиль: Tm2ssdv

Looking For The Right Woman

Имя: Christopher

Я: Мужчина

Возраст: 67 лет

Страна: США, Айдахо

Последняя активность: 3 недели назад

Ищу: Женщину 30-45 лет

для: Брак, Серьезные отношения



176 см

91 кг


Цвет волос:

Длина волос:

Цвет глаз:

Этническое происхождение:


Ученая степень:
Степень бакалавра

Семейное положение:
В разводе

Отношение к курению:
Я не курю

Отношение к алкоголю:
Нет, спасибо

Знак гороскопа:

World traveler, Ex military, investor, realist who enjoys the natural outside world, non-materialistic who does not maintain materialistic possessions as a status symbol like other Americans. Can and have lived in all environments, a survivalist who now prefers the warm weather locations. My life style is extremely simple but I do complex things. I have a gentle touch and looking for a woman that wants to be touched in every way in a long term relationship. If you are interested then in further communications I will send you a more detail view of who I am. I am NOT a sugar daddy and here looking for a relationship and not interested in financing your life style. I am very straight forward and blunt at times with people where here in the USA the majority of people do not like which I don't care. My American ancestors were the first Europeans here and I served my country honorably in 2 wars almost 3 so what other Americans think is irrelevant to me. My German/English ancestors make me more European than American in many ways. Contact me if you are serious only in a long term relationship.

Looking for the right woman that is adventurous enough to want to live in other parts of the world, the USA being one. I live a very simple life style but do complex things. I'm well traveled and financially secure and experienced in the world at large. Looking for a woman that is young enough to keep up with me and yet mature enough to know when she has a good thing and not lose it. I am very direct with all people because of my experience, have a gentle touch for a woman, and I never drink or do drugs. I don't tolerate bad behavior and can walk away quietly and never look back if I run into such a person. If your interested then contact me first on this site. I am currently in Skopje Macedonia.

Ищу: Женщину 30 - 45 лет

для: Брак, Серьезные отношения

Вес: 46 кг - 63 кг

Рост: 164 см - 185 см

Язык: Английский

Стиль: Гранж, Деловой, Классический, Модный, Провинциальный, Свободный

Отношение к курению: Я не курю

Отношение к алкоголю: Иногда, Нет, спасибо, По важному случаю

Looking for a mentally mature, attractive woman that is confident, adventurous, self supporting currently, that looks like...moves like and taste like a real woman, that enjoys travel and experiencing the outside world meaning (camping boating hiking...long list), who is smart enough to see she has something good and does not lose it. I'm not here to pay for ANYONES past mistakes or issues or habits. Looking for a real relationship and not one with the prostitute mentality. I'm very experience in the world and have no interest in any woman that plays any type of game in anyway.



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