Профіль: GairikDotCom

Christian man seeking soul-mate and bride.

Ім'я: GairikDotCom

Я: Чоловік

Вік: 55 років

Країна: Індія, West Bengal, Calcutta Ballygunge

Остання активність: 11 місяців тому

Шукаю: Жінку 18-32 років

для: Дружба, Шлюб, Романтика, Серйозні стосунки




182 см

88 кг


Колір волосся:

Колір очей:

Етнічне походження:


Наукова ступінь:
Ступінь магістра


більше 100.000 $/рік


Сімейний стан:

Хочу мати дітей

Ставлення до куріння:
Я не курю

Ставлення до алкоголю:
З важливої нагоди

Знак гороскопу:

Hi. I’m GairikDotCom Banerjee, MBA. LLB, M.Com (+ part of PhD), Christian businessman, US citizen (born in India), long-term resident of the EU. ||||||||I have lived and traveled a lot internationally (for work), including Россия, Украина и Беларусь, & speak a few words of Русский, Немецкий, Испански, etc. ||||||||I am interested to engage in Christian Ministry & Missionary work, if & when God calls me. My favorite Bible verse is 1 Corinthians 13. And I think that the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament of the Bible, the story of Ruth and Boaz, was a great Love Story. Although I was baptized Protestant, I have frequented both Catholic and many other types of churches throughout my Christian Walk. I’d like to learn about Orthodox Christianity. ||||||||I’m not rich, but I’m lucky to have had a great life, lots of adventure, unique experiences and laughter. I love to laugh & hear others laugh. I can be mischievous, playful & funny, but also passionate, idealistic & driven. I’ve been told that I can be boyish and less than mature at times (sorry). Sometimes a little shy, I can open up easily in the right company, even become the life of the party. ||||||||I love to dine out at my own restaurants, watch sitcoms, movies, theatre, comedy shows, US news or Youtube shows. I’ve always loved exciting cities: London, Paris, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Krakow, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Istanbul, Rome, Venice or Florence, where every brick & stone has a story to tell! In high school and university, I played several sports. And I enjoy nature, taking long walks in the park or aimless drives in the moonlight, along winding roads that lead to enchanted, fairy-tale kingdoms of imagination; or simply sitting under a shade-tree, curled up with a novel, by a babbling brook, soothed by the water's quiet and haunting lullaby. But recovering from a stroke some time back, I’m more of a home-body nowadays. ||||||||To know more about me, see my personal website GairikDotCom or profile on Facebook (gairik1, Vienna), etc. ||||||||I‘m looking for my Special Someone to share my life with and together forget the hurts of the past that have led us here. My faith has taught me that unless we each love, obey and depend on Jesus more than each other, it cannot work! I want to settle down as soon as I find my One-&-Only-One who will love and need me as much as I love and need her, with all my heart, and with Jesus Christ at the center of our marriage and family. I know she is out there somewhere, passionately waiting to find me, as Ruth sought Boaz, just as I wait for her, with Hope, Faith and Love. ||||||||||||||||

Шукаю: Жінку 18 - 32 років

для: Дружба, Шлюб, Романтика, Серйозні стосунки

Вага: 40 кг - 55 кг

Зріст: 152 см - 167 см

Країна: Албанія, Вірменія, Австралія, Австрія, Азербайджан, Білорусь, Бельгія, Боснія і Герцеговина, Болгарія, Канада, Хорватія, Чехія, Естонія, Фарерські о-ва, Фінляндія, Франція, Грузія, Німеччина, Угорщина, Ісландія, Іран, Ірландія, Італія, Йорданія, Казахстан, Латвія, Ліван, Ліхтенштейн, Литва, Люксембург, Македонія, Молдавія, Чорногорія, Нова Зеландія, Норвегія, Польща, Румунія, Росія, Сербія, Словаччина, Словенія, Швеція, Швейцарія, Сирія, Таджикистан, Туніс, Туреччина, Туркменія, Україна, Великобританія, Уругвай, Узбекистан

Мова: Вірменський, Азербайджанський, Білоруський, Боснійський, Болгарський, Хорватський, Чеський, Датський, Голландський, Англійський, Естонський, Фінський, Французький, Грузинський, Німецький, Грецький, Іврит, Угорський, Ісландський, Ірландський, Італійський, Латиський, Литовський, Норвезький, Персицький, Польський, Румунський, Російський, Сербський, Словацький, Словенський, Іспанський, Шведський, Таджицький, Татарський, Турецький, Туркменський, Український, Узбецький, Ідиш

Колір волосся: Каштановий, Рудий, Темно-рудий, Чорний

Довжина волосся: Довгі, Дуже довгі

Колір очей: Блакитний, Зелений, Сірий

Етнічне походження: Араб, Європеєць, Іспанець

Релігія: Іудаїзм, Католицтво, Православ'я, Протестанство, Християнство

Наукова ступінь: Вивчився самостійно, Кандидат / доктор наук, Студент університету, Ступінь бакалавра, Ступінь магістра, Учень, Учень коледжу

Стиль: Класичний

Сімейний стан: В розлученні, Живемо окремо, Овдовілий, Самотній

Діти: Хочу мати дітей

Ставлення до куріння: Я не курю

Ставлення до алкоголю: З важливої нагоди

Знак гороскопу: Козоріг

My future wife & soul-mate should be Christian, Intelligent, Kind, Funny and Beautiful.
My idea of feminine beauty: ||
1. Big Green or Blue eyes. ||
2. FULL, Long, shiny hair, straight or wavy - black / brunette / brown / auburn / dark blond. I’m sorry but I not attracted to STRINGY / damaged / thin hair, and badly dyed-blond hair with the roots showing. ||
3. Beautiful (typically European) face, small nose. ||
4. Full, rosy lips. ||
5. Slim, maybe curvy figure, not overweight. Doesn’t have to be perfect. ||
6. 1.5 m – 1.65 m height. ||
7. She should be conscious about her appearance, but not obsessed.
But I believe that inner beauty, a kind and big heart, is much more important than just looks. She must be faithful and love me, be soft-spoken and not loud or rude or demanding, be easy to please and happy and not high-maintenance or with unrealistic expectations, be quick to empathize, compromise and forgive, get along with everyone without complaining. She should keep a clean and cozy home. She should be willing to travel and live with me wherever life takes us. Must be interested in international cultures, particularly Indian.
She must be Christian. Please read the Book of Ruth (Книга Руфь в Библии) in the Old Testament of the Bible to look at a model of how God brought Ruth and Boaz (Руфь и Воаз) together in love and loyalty, and foretells the line of King David, and ultimately of Jesus.
I would like one or more children in my life, and if she already has a very young daughter or son from her past, whom I can adopt as my own - I welcome that very much. I will love our children with all my heart.
I do not care about past mistakes, but in a future with me – please, no smoking / drugs or excessive alcohol, although “Social Drinking” is ok.
I seek a PARTNER, not only a playmate. I do not want a girl who is just looking for a rich guy for his money, but a lady who is seriously committed to a real marriage to a real man (sometimes younger than his years), with real flaws and human failings, needing real adjustments, mutual respect and realistic expectations of each other.
I would prefer someone with some professional skills and a good education, although this is not compulsory. She can work with me, or independently.
I think the best way to get to know each other is on Conversation Exchange dot com, a free site where we can regularly practice teaching and helping each other with our respective spoken Russian & English language skills. We would each also learn about each other’s cultures and lives. This will help us get to know each other. And we can truly become friends first, before falling in love.
What do you think? Am I your Boaz, and are you my beloved Ruth?


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