Профіль: _Just_one_

Just One lady

Ім'я: Ricardo

Я: Чоловік

Вік: 44 роки

Країна: США, Washington, Yakima

Остання активність: 1 тиждень тому

Шукаю: Жінку 18-33 років

для: Шлюб, Серйозні стосунки


Англійський, Іспанський

59 кг


Колір волосся:

Довжина волосся:

Етнічне походження:

Наукова ступінь:
Кандидат / доктор наук



Сімейний стан:

Немає дітей

Ставлення до куріння:
Я не курю

Ставлення до алкоголю:
Ні, дякую

Знак гороскопу:

Hello good day:
It is very easy to describe myself I am a simple man, single, without children and who has never been married, I am a worker I work for pleasure not out of necessity, orderly, faithful, homelike, affectionate, protective, thoughtful, with family-oriented values, with a very high dignity and pride that does not allow him to fall even in the worst stages of life, he does not smoke, he does not drink, I do not use drugs, good character and the evil tongues say that he is cunning, with initiative and intelligent, that he is a simple human being.
Retailer: I like to please, care for and celebrate my beloved wife, I am one of those old-fashioned men who still send flowers and write love letters and thoughts and show a loved woman how important it is to have her by his side.
Studies: Graduated from the national university at the age of 20 with an honorable mention, finishing the profession of Computer and Telecommunications Engineering, plus a master's degree in finance and financial reengineering and currently taking courses and seminars and online from Yale universities , Harvard, Oxford from his business school.
Work: I started working at the age of 20 in the Mortgage Credit Department, later I joined a company that sells computer and communications equipment for a few years holding various positions and then I joined the company Grupo IPM acronyms of Engineering, Advertising And Marketing in Spanish, where I currently work and allows me to be the owner of my own time, where I am not accountable to anyone and I am totally free, to come and go whenever and wherever I want.
My likes: It is my greatest pleasure to have a rich and delicious espresso with a delicious slice of cake, enjoy my garden, cut my flowers, fix my lawn, listen to soft music, watch soccer games, movies of almost all kinds except of terror, I do not like them, personally clean it, aromatize it, put a touch of distinction, black is my favorite for elegant, suits, pants, jackets, shoes are black, combined with other light-colored clothing
Pets: I only have 1 PEPE parakeet and I want to have a sheep or a goat. I like to have pets and treat them with affection, without blows, play with them, take care of them, bathe them, feed them and put them to sleep.
My weak point: The food, I like almost all kinds of food, especially Mexican, try pozole, carnitas, michiotes, quesadillas, oven barbecue, pot moles, meat juice.
Disgust: Aggression against women, human beings, defenseless living beings and nature, lies, plastic women, mistreatment, pride, arrogance, deception, infidelity, greed, unpunctuality, filth, bad arrangement, bad smell, mediocrity.
Defects: having a very high pride, dignity and honor that do not allow me to let myself fall and that people take as arrogance, arrogance and presumption, I do not forgive I do not forgive infidelities and lies. I can't stand being late, sometimes I think with my mouth not with my head, having little tolerance, despair, not being in control of things, not believing in tomorrow, tomorrow we do it, tomorrow we will think about it, for me it is right now is DO IT NOW. Very desperate, YES VERY DESPERATE. Besides all that and more I am VERY BORED, I don't know how to dance, I don't like noise, crowded people, I get bored easily if they aren't interesting or I can't find a quick answer, I don't have the grace, the charisma and not being a handsome man, not attractive.
My dreams: It is to find a beautiful and young woman who gives me her joy, her sighs, her caresses, her cares, her love, that she becomes my muse, my divine illusion, that gives me the joy of being a father and having various monsters, I know what it means to be an only child and it's not nice. Who wants to change their rhythm of life, nationality and their destiny, I am looking for that little woman who understands me, understands me, who accepts me with my defects and my limited virtues I AM NOT LOOKING FOR ADVENTURES, I AM NOT LOOKING FOR TRAVEL PARTNERS, OR BED, OR HAVE COMMUNICATION KNOW HOW THE WEATHER IS, HOW I AM HUMOR, WHERE I LIVE, IF I AM HAPPY.
I hope the above is of interest to you.

Шукаю: Жінку 18 - 33 років

для: Шлюб, Серйозні стосунки

Етнічне походження: Європеєць

Сімейний стан: Самотній

Діти: Не люблю дітей

Ставлення до куріння: Я не курю

Ставлення до алкоголю: Ні, дякую

Hello days:
It is easy to describe the type of woman that I AM LOOKING FOR, I am looking for a Woman, a wife and mother of my future children, and who is looking for a formal relationship, which becomes a commitment, in a short time, in a very short time to be in contact, know your goals, know your tastes and if we have the same goals and tastes ahead, sign our commitment.
I AM LOOKING FOR A young, beautiful, feminine, loving, thoughtful, clean, orderly WOMAN, I don't care about her work activities, because she will not help me with the expenses of the house, of the home, I WILL NEVER ACCEPT MONEY FROM HER, I WILL NEVER ACCEPT HER SHE WILL PAY HOUSEHOLD COSTS, OF THE HOUSE, THAT IS EXCLUSIVELY DEDICATED TO HER HOME TO FILL IT WITH JOY, TO TRANSMIT THE LIGHT THAT ONLY SHE CAN DO IT, ONLY SHE CAN DO IT. The important thing is that it has principles oriented to the family and home, WITHOUT COMMITMENTS, WITHOUT OBLIGATIONS, 100% FREE, with strong character but at the same time noble, to protect it, take care of it, love it, respect it, be faithful to it, give it economic and moral stability. and sentimental. Make me feel like my queen, because I will conquer the world and put it at her feet.
Let her think and feel that I will always love her, that I will always respect her, that I will never mistreat her, that I will never insult her, that I will never be unfaithful, that I will never yell at her, that I will always see for her, for our children and for our home, I will always work so that they never lack love, tenderness, happiness, joy, or anything.
I am not here to make friends, find out about the weather, or where I live, or have love at a distance and write letters and letters, when I find the woman I am looking for, what I need I will contact her, find out about her, know her dreams , your goals and try to meet them.
Agree, prepare for her arrival, so that she can take her place, my her new country, in her new home and if she is willing to change her life to me and open her heart, at that moment it will be my job, it will be the greatest challenge in this world to conquer her heart so that she may be eternally happy, I know that there are men bigger and stronger than me, I also know that there are men smaller and weaker than me, but NO MAN WILL LOVE HER, PROTECT HER, RESPECT HER AS ME.
Remarking: I am looking for a Young, Beautiful, Feminine, Home, Faithful, Intelligent, Affectionate, Protective, Caring Woman, WITHOUT COMMITMENTS, WITHOUT OBLIGATIONS 1000% FREE, who does not care about the difference in ages, who wants to give me the happiness of being a father .
Who wants to be a housewife
Who wants to be a mother in a short time
Don't work elsewhere. alone in her home, taking care of her, protecting her to give her her joy, her happiness that I KNOW GIVE IT.
That I want and wish to be happy, in a short time,



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Kamelotik30 7 місяців тому

Доброй ночи,прошу прощение за беспокойство..Прочитала Вашу анкету ,очень мудро написано Вы молодец...Желлаю огромного счастья,чистой взаимной любви....извините

Kamelotik30 7 місяців тому

Доброй ночи,прошу прощение за беспокойство..Прочитала Вашу анкету ,очень мудро написано Вы молодец...Желлаю огромного счастья,чистой взаимной любви....извините


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